ADSCI is now Unified Health. This reflects the additional services that we now offer.
ADSCI is now Unified Health. This reflects the additional services that we now offer.
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Traumatic, Surgical, Burn, Acne, and Keloid Scars

Dr. Lin personally suffered from acne scarring and understands the emotional and psychological impacts of scars to a person’s self-esteem. Advancements in technology now allow extremely effective treatment of all types of scars. Treatment courses are typically pretty long, but results are seen slowly and consistently. Call today to have your scars treated and regain your self-confidence.

Our Treatment Philosophy for Scars

Types of Scars
Scars can occur after any injury to the skin. In a normal scar, the skin naturally starts to rebuild collagen to replace and strengthen the damaged skin. Sometimes, the skin heals too aggressively and a thickened hypertrophic or keloid scar can form.
Scar Treatments
When scars become objectionable, we can treat them in many ways, depending on the appearance of the scar. Thick scars can be injected with Kenalog or 5- fluorouracil to help flatten or soften them. Depressed scars can be treated with subcision and filled with a filler. Wavy scars can also be treated with subcision and injected with sculptra. Textural unevenness can be treated with fractional laser resurfacing or Renuvion resurfacing.


“I had some scarring from an accident and was told a laser treatment would be the best solution.  It is in a sensitive area, so I wanted to make sure the work is done appropriately.  I heard about Linage from a friend, who recommended me to their office after having successful work done herself.  Upon arrival, I was greeted with a warm smile and my appointment was with Dr. Sunny.  She took time to ask me questions regarding how the incident occurred and upon inspection she also noticed a mole that she recommended to be removed.  I appreciate the care and attention, as preventative measures are always best.  It has only been a couple of days and my scar is already looking better.  I am awaiting the biopsy on the mole to make sure there is no cancer associated with it….which I hope there is not!  I was very happy with the service received.  The office is very contemporary and I think is still undergoing some fancy modern esthetics.  Makes sense to look good since they’re making others look better.”

– Y. K. / Yelp / Oct. 17, 2016


I have been working with Dr. Lin and his staff for my acne scars. I have had TCA cross as well as profractional and sculptra. The end result, I no longer have to wear make-up and I actually look younger. I’m constantly getting compliments on my skin. Due to my scheduling issues I have seen all of the providers, Dr. Lin, Lindy and Melissa. Guess what? They are all great. There are no high pressure sales just result driven staff. While I was waiting for the doc I met a man named Rudy who had taken a bus from Texas to be seen by Dr. Lin. That is when I knew I was in the right place.

– A. M. / Yelp / Sept. 22, 2011


“Let me say that Dr. Lin is amazing, he helped me with my old war injury,  it was a quarter-sized raised scar on my left shoulder called a keliod.  He used as series of topical ointments, injections, and lasers to virtually eliminate the scar.  Before on dry allergy days it would itch and drive me crazy, and at the beach people would look, now no more. Thank you Dr. Lin, I will spread the word.”

– F. A. / Yelp / March 22, 2011

Before and Afters

Treatment: Chemical Peel for Acne Scars
Age:  30 – 45 / Gender:  Male / Ethnicity:  Asian


Treatment: Fractional Treatments using the Matrix CO2 Laser
Age:  55 – 70 / Gender:  Male / Ethnicity:  White


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