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The Advanced Dermatology Skin Cancer Institute consists of three specialties including the Skin Cancer Center, Varicose Vein Center and the Psoriasis Center.

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This is a technique in which a sharp instrument is used to scrape off the skin cancer and then a small electric needle is used to burn the base.


Excision of a skin cancer requires the removal of healthy skin tissue around it (this is called a margin).

Mohs surgery

This procedure is done in stages, including lab work, while the patient waits. This allows the removal of all cancerous cells for the highest cure rate.

General Skin Exams

A skin cancer screening is a visual inspection of your skin by a medical professional to look for skin cancer.

Topical Chemotherapy

Topical chemotherapy involves the use of creams to treat skin precancers or cancers. These medications include medications like 5-fluorouracil, imiquimod, picato, and solaraze.

Excimer Laser Therapy

Excimer lasers can treat psoriasis more effectively, safely, and conveniently than topical creams or conventional phototherapy booths

Systemic Psoriasis Therapy

Systemic psoriasis medications are taken orally or injected into the skin or veins. They work from the inside of the body and treat the entire body.

Varicose Vein Treatment

There are several treatment  options for varicose veins. Dr. Lin will do an assessment and determine which one is best for your situation.

Meet Dr. Lin

Dr. Michael Lin received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, where he graduated with high honors and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. Lin received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He then completed his dermatology residency training and National Institutes of Health research fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr Lin is a California-licensed physician and board-certified dermatologist. He is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dermatology , Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of Southern California, and Fellow of the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

With successful practices in Sherman Oaks, Valencia, Beverly Hills and Oxnard, California, Dr Michael Lin interacts with patients on a daily basis, who have come to know and trust him, with all of their skin care needs. Over the years, Dr Lin has specialized in laser therapy and through these services, has built a very loyal and trusting patient base.



“Dr. Lin doesn’t shy away from a complex case and mine has been terrible, but Dr. Lin hasn’t given up on me!! He is a soft-spoken, patient, thorough, and straightforward. I can’t thank him and his staff enough for all their help.”

Elle K.


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