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Beautiful skin requires maintenance. We are offering an opportunity for our patients to receive a customized monthly treatment plan at a discounted rate with our VIP Membership Programs. Read on for membership perks!

    Cosmetic treatments are the most successful when performed consistently.

    There are multiple components and facets of achieving great skin. Through our VIP memberships, Dr. Lin hopes to provide his patients a complete and comprehensive guide to achieve flawless skin. Members will have access to discounts on services and products. In addition, they will have access to certain services every month. Please contact our office for specific pricing for our memberships. The goal of the membership program is to offer:

    Convenient low-cost monthly payments

    Cost-effective products shipped directly to you

    A custom, comprehensive approach to your beauty goals

     Access to special reduced rates for our state of the art cosmetic services, including 20% off all fillers

    Access to VIP only events and specials where you can learn more about skincare and interact, Dr. Lin, his staff and other VIP clients

    Your provider will thoroughly dicuss your cosmetic goals and create a customized treatment plan.



    Clear Skin  Membership




    The Clear Skin Membership was specifically designed to help patients with acne-prone skin and dark spots achieve a consistently clear complexion. Contact us to learn more.



    Forever Young Membership




    This membership was specifically designed to help patients prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Contact us to learn more.


    “I am so happy I signed up for Dr. Lin’s Forever Young Membership Program! Dr. Lin sat down with me to plan out my treatment plan in detail. I have seen my skin change so dramatically over the few months that I have been on the program. I can’t wait to see how my skin continues to improve!!”

    – R. T. / May 21, 2021


    “I signed up for the Clear Skin Membership about 2 months ago. Since then, my skin has been getting progressively clearer. I love that my products are shipped to me every month so I never run out. I will definitely be staying on this program to maintain clear skin!”

    B.P. / May 17, 2021


     “Dr.Lin is an amazing doctor! He take the time to discuss things with his patients and you dont feel like you’re being rushed out. Definitely recommened!

    – S. G. / Google / Feb 7, 2020

    Healthy Skin is Our Mission

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