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General Information: Pseudofolliculitis

What is it?
Pseudofolliculitis (PF), or shaving bumps, is a chronic papulopustular dermatitis from ingrown beard hairs that can lead to chronic scarring. The disease is more common in races with curly hair and is associated with shaving, particularly close shaving of the bearded and bikini region.

What can I do to prevent it?
Pseudofolliculitis requires intervention to modify shaving techniques to prevent recurrence.  Management of PF is directed to the severity and extent of the disease and includes modification of shaving techniques (avoidance of close shaving, allowing adequate time for shaving, dislodgement of ingrown hair, preshave methods, various razors or waterless shaving techniques, depilatories, and after-shave techniques) and treatment of the dermatitis.

How can I manage PF?

* Mild:
Patient education and modification of frequency in shaving to every second or third day with appropriate PF razor and technique (with appropriate temporary profile for 4-6 weeks) and after-shave treatment with moisturizing lotions and / or 1% hydrocortisone lotion.  As condition improves gradual return to regular nightly shaving.
* Moderate:
In addition to the shaving modifications for mild PF, consideration of addition of depilatory agents, tretinoin 0.025% cream at night after shaving to bearded region, and a benzoyl peroxide wash can be considered.  If not satisfactorily improved after six months of continuous therapy and shaving modifications, consideration for permanent  hair removal should be given.
* Severe: With patient consent, consideration for permanent laser hair reduction treatment can be considered.

How do I know if my PB is mild, moderate or severe?
Let your doctor decide which category you fall into and what course of treatment is necessary for your condition.


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